Monday, February 22, 2010

i'm listening to robert pattinson and how i spent my night everyday..

his song 'never think' is quite suck, really, but because he is the singer and he palys the guitar so, i just 'forgive you'.

so why i suddenly jump into this rob? because yeasterday while i was bloghopping, i saw this one blog link to a youtube 'love song by tailor swift' sang by an ugly little fella (a man) wearing a pink dress and pink halo. they think its hillarious but i think it's when i remember tailor swift, i remember one that kanye west incident with her then i find it in youtube. then after a while of watching and searching, i found the making of twilight. then i watched and drool and smile and laugh and i jumped to robsten vids and with all the awwww they are so sweet so lovable and back to bloghoping. spending time in youtube for about hours! spending time bloghoping also took hours!

it is soooo simple to waste your time heh? well actually i can think of having a good night sleep or sending out jobs-related-emails. or writing a scientific paper or digging information about those UPLC things. honestly, my thesis is not entirely finish. i should just finish all and wrap all up and wait for my supervisor to give those checked chapters and dump all those chapters inside and send. i could make it in a shorter period but still i wait..

i am a very good procrastinator..

i think i should write it in my resume. and twist it like this;

i am a good procrastinator. a very good one. and i am struggling to fix myself. it takes a very high determination seems it is in my blood.

this is very random..

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