Monday, February 8, 2010

i waited for him and the gifts too! haha

i didn't ask anything from him. i just want him to arrive here safely. but he brought me something;

nope, i dont want to show you whats inside that red wrapper but i like it very much and the ribbon flowers too. it gives me ideas! and the toblerone wrapping style, i know it is common and simple, but it's beautiful!.

anyway, i finally had a blast weekends. i hang out with my long lost friend aiffa, and ina and we talked about everything! and on sunday, i went to KLIA to fetch my dearly encik boyfriend. i sesat sikit je. oh, and last weekend me and oli went to ice skate, it was a blast to!

love the friends, love my encik boyfriend too..ngehehe


  1. suweet ke? belum kawen memang gini aku takut lepas kawen tak suwet dah! haha paranoid!