Sunday, February 14, 2010

his and hers

pd trip semalam

starbucks today

i really dont have anything to do form this time till tomorrow morning. so updating blog two times a day is not wrong. and i'm still hearing my father complaining about "ooooh mana adek ni tak balik lagi ni, macam mana ni kenapa lambat balik, Ya Allah.. mana pergi budak ni? da malam dah ni" and what pissed me off is that he complained to other family members rather than the person himself. and he never call but keep on babbling about it until the closest person got fade up and run. ape ape jelah. i have the right to remain silent.

and i'm really sure he was complaining that way too when i was not home until 10.45 pm last night. suruh call tak nak (i think that will be my mom's words). i'm having this coldwar and silence therapy so i dont want to talk about it. sekian.

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