Tuesday, February 9, 2010

hand made card. the concept..

these i made based on a concept, i stamped at the top and the bottom of the card, and wordings at the middle and red stripes.
Happy birthday
not just a year older
but a year better
and a year wiser

Good luck
in everything you do!

Happy mother's day
lots of hugs and kisses
i love you

Happy father's day!
you are the best dad ever..
look! my new stamp..

my other new stamp..

these cards are 1/4 of A4 size. and you can put this in a picture frame, write something else like 'to azura, i love u, from azmi' hehe.
i'll show an example later. tak ada picture frame le sekarang.heh.
oh! and feel free to comment ye! appreciate that very much..:)


  1. sgt2 comel n cantik :) saya sngat suka akan iaa tiiiiut

  2. oh, thanks..!baru sedar akan komen ini..sorii..:)