Monday, February 15, 2010

26 years of gong xi fa chai

pics taken at my aunt's house

my mom is chinese. and thankfully every year, my mom and dad will not have this husband and wife fight about 'balik-kampung-siapa-dulu' because each has his/her own raya. so during hari raya we'll head to kedah and during chinese new year off we go to tampin.

when i was a little girl, i remember so much puking a lot in a bus ride to tampin. and i remember a red plastic bag hanging at the front seat, just in case. how my mom drag me and my brother to puduraya to celebrate chinese new year at our kampung. my abah was working he was a 'polis hutan' and was always away.

usually we will stay for few days. at that time, i was so afraid of kaumu (means aunty) because she always said, "ni pu chiang wo a? chiang kaumu" something like that. i was so afraid of her because she was like scolding me and i was soo quiete back there i never opened my mouth to anybody except to my mom and my brother. thank God i have my brother to play with and we loooove playing on the old round swing i don't even know its exact name. and my favourite all time person that time is my late 'akong' (my grandfather). he was so kind and softspoken and really old almost 90 years old. he always wore this blue short pants and shirtless (except for the chinese new yar of course he will wear something). he even gave me a 'cincin belah rotan' and told my mom to not telling others. love to know that i'm his favourite.

i also like my mom's closest sister whom i call 'ayie' because she never ask me to call her. i know we should because it's a sign of respect but i started to call them when i was 15 (because my not so fluent chinese speaker sister was soo peramah that time she selamba smile and call people when she met the elders -tak macam abang kakak dia pemalu ni - so its a bit shame if my sister can do it so do us!).

i dont have any memories of having 'makan besar' though but we usually ate at the nearby halal stalls. when the chinese new year arrived, i remember clearly, this 5 yo zurazura was soooo afraid of the fireworks, the one with a row of mercun padi bursting out loud macam nak pecah telinga aku! then i screamed and ran behind my mom's back and closed my eyes and cupped my ears with my small hands. and the best part is to see myself a real lion dance in that very house of akong's for the first time ever. the music instruments strumming loud into my ears and i enjoyed it so much!

and it just happened once and i think it was the best chinese new year ever.

so, there.. now, my 'akong' has past away 15 years ago and we still celebrating chinese new year where all the cousins and aunties and uncles gather at one of my 'ayie's' house playing mahjong and cards. i am 26 now and at this old age i found it a bit depressing because i think my mom is the only one who's having the fun there. i think the main reason here is the unability of me in chinese speaking. truly said that my dad is a bit conservative and he did't allow us to learn. bila semua orang kata 'rugiiiiinyeee' baru abah sedar then when my sister born, she was sent to tadika cina. but because of entering the sk school, she forgot most of the chinese words already. but she still can speak simple chinese. but rugi me la because i know none. :( i always imagine if i can speak chinese i will defintely joining them playing mahjong and poker and laugh with reason and be friends with my cousins and play with the kids. honestly it was so rugi for me kan?

that's all..

happy chinese new year again!

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