Friday, January 22, 2010

sabah gateaway - part 3

it's time to make other people jealous..
this was our fourth day in Sabah. Suddenly, it was not rain and we can see the sun. we decided to go to Gaya street and after we had our breakfast, we walked and asked people around 'where is actually the Gaya Street'. it was quite easy to find, just look for DBKK building. it's near to each other.

looks like petaling street rite?

they sell EVERYTHING! from crystals, to cats, to traditional musical instruments, to sea shells, to kopi tenom (a must have item), skin art, GAJAH!, and rabbits.

and after that, because of the great weather (the only day that did't rain) and not really sunny either, we went to jesselton, a jetty to taman laut tunku abdul rahman. the price? rm200 perboat, rm15 for a snokerling set per person, rm6 for tax per person. we went to 3 islands, manukan, memutik and sapi.

read: selamat datang ke jesselton

the boss's name is apek. so all of the life jackets have his name on them.

look how happy i am.

the troop.

we actually didn't plan to snorkel that day, so my dad wore jeans, while me and my mom wore cargo pants. main belasah pergi snorkeling sebab tak bawak baju lain. we just head back to jetty and walked to our hotel with the same clothes (kan i dah cakap, motel itu dekat dengan semua! i loike...)

so that's it. no sabah gateaway part 4. the next day, we just went to pasar kk to buy some kueh cincin. but i really love to come here again. siap cakap dengan semua, balik ni terus pergi book tiket untuk next year punye trip (sebab we booked these flight tickets last year) next time kita buat trip lepak kat kundasang and naik gunung..hopefully tak hujan...heh..


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