Thursday, January 21, 2010

sabah gateaway - part 2

ok, mari sambung!

previously i told u about 2 days of sabah gateaway. on day 3, which was raining and cold (it was raining all day long from the day we arrived) we booked a van and decided to got to Sandakan, or the Kinabalu Park. The journey took around 2 hours and it was raining all the way and actually we hope that it would not rain when we arrived there. we were in pekan nabalu, where the scenery is very nice and cold. we can't see the lower side of the mountain because of the fog..:(

read: selamat datang ke pekan nabalu..

me in the cold and mom with a sabahan girl.

they actually sell variety of rice. beras bukit la beras perang beras pulut hitam bla..bla..bla..

a lot of flowers blooming here. its like the flowers are easily grown and they look very beautiful and you can see beautiful colours of flowers along the way up.

we went to the poring hotspring and unfortunately, the rain was even heavier there. but it never broke our intention to go and see what's inside, we bought a poncho each and off we walked. there, we can see the hotspring (and it is 'suam-suam kuku' maybe because of the rain and cold). and we went to poring canopy walkway.

this is daniel the only one who dipped his leg inside and enjoying the hotspring and me on he canopy walkway! see that poncho - orang tu kata takkan basah punye and he's true!

this is me at the kinabalu park first checkpoint. we couldn't climb up because of the rain. it was sooooo cold i think it reached 5 degres kot! and because of the rain, we couldn't take much pictures here. sad :(

tengok tupai ni jinak gila and gumuk sangat!

on the way back, we dropped at the stalls and bought this famous kueh cincin. my mom's friend's friend said (she's sabahan), buy kueh cincin from papar - delicious!

we also went to pekan tamparuli and the famous jambatan tamparuli!. and the song jambatan tamparuli ligered through my head. the first pic is the actual jambatan (obviously sudah tenggelam dengan sungai because of the heavy rain) and the second pic is the bridge for pejalan kaki sjaak..

to be continued - sabah gateaway part 3

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