Wednesday, January 20, 2010

sabah gateaway - part 1


i just got back from Sabah, er..two days ago, heh (baru nak update sekarang). and this post is quite much pictures in it, so enjoy...

we arrived here on thursday afternoon and this is the motel that we stayed for few days. guess what? rm90 for this big, its very affordable! it's in Api-Api business centre, very near to Centrepoint Sabah, near to the Philipine Market, near to the ikan bakar port, near to everything! but u know, it's not as 'cantik' as a 5 starz hotel, its just an apartment area with few houses transformed into rooms. but still it is a nice place to stay. that evening we walked around town and went shopping. at centrepoint. hehe..

friday, we went jalan-jalan around kk by KIA (eh promote pulak) my mom's friend's friend drove us to see Nexus, Karambunai (i think its the best place here because everyone is talking about nexus). it is very beautiful, just in front of the sea, the landscape is wonderfull.

and off we went to one borneo. i think that sabah is quite a shopping heaven. everything here is cheap compared to kl! that's why me and my mom kept on buying clothes (even kat kl pun ade jee).

that evening, we went to pusat kraftangan kota kinabalu or famously known as pasar philipine. this is the place where women can get to buy PEARLS AND CRYSTALS at bargain price. it's like a heaven to women i can go crazy just by watching them. a xet of pearl brooch is rm10, fresh water pearls (like in the pics below) is rm80. the price never go over rm100 (unless if it sea pearls) so go bargain!

outside the premise, there are tailors with a sewing machine each and they are all guys, altering jeans.

after that, just behind the philipine market, there is a huge area of ikan bakar spot. people there will call you to eat at their place u just need to choose because for us, we didn't know which place is better or cheaper, so we just pick randomly.

the white big fish is call 'Ikan ayam'. and the rest is ikan kerapu, sotong bakar, udang bakar and lots more. they even serve u sea algea, i don't even know the names. the air asam was serve freshly in front of you and it is fresh, and delicious, and the air asam is marvellous. oh, and its quite cheap to.
to be continued.. :)

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