Wednesday, January 20, 2010

my valentine's day

i am not celebrating valentine's day for sure, but it is not wrong to feel the heat of love on that day! and watch this;

as requested by nuffnang for me to watch this for FREE i need to pick a star to spend my valentine's day with and if i had a chance, i would definitely pick TAYLOR SWIFT! she's definitely a down-to-earth person and yet beautiful and gorgeous.

we will spend our time together, go shopping for a day and we will hang out together, watching movies and have pop corns. have a great dinner at a restaurant which has a valentine's day decoration (like sex and the city movie - will find one) and a girls day out will definitely be great with a half day spa for both of us! and yes, a home karaoke would be very nice and of course that night we will be spending time talking to each other and i will definitely ask her to sing a couple of songs. and i want her to teach me how to play a guitar! before the day ends, we will exchanging a valentine's gift

i know it's a very lame valentine's day, but if we could spend a quality time together, it would be the very best valentine's day with dear friends ever!

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