Saturday, December 5, 2009

you are so suweeet!

this time i was home with kamini, and loads of stuff kasi bungkus bawak balik separuh konon next week boleh bawak balik sikit je. but i am really sure that i need to keep some at my friends house or room back in johore.

and this time, we are so determine to attend my ex-housemate punya wedding. i never met her since she moved to Klang and i miss her so much! and my dearest kak waina, you look simple yet amazing! congratulation to you...

oh, on the way back, we saw MPH 70% sale adv di tepi jalan and terus nak pergi. these just cost me rm2/book. i guess i have another task to do. to finish all these. hoi, bukan kah kau ada kerja lain yang lebih penting seperti menghabiskan thesis anda dan mengumpul dana?

and since i pergi balik bersama kamini, and she's the staff so i need to head back to johore tomorrow (*sad*). it is against all odd. i never go back to johore on sunday!

and konon nak siapkan all the result and discussions so that i can submit to prof before i head back home next week menjadi can i have the time to do all these things? alasan-alasan...

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