Sunday, December 27, 2009

mengeluh memang kebolehan semulajadi saya..

it is almost new year. so apakah resolusi saya? dah, malas nak bicara tentang resolusi. bicara tentang masalah pasti boleh release sikit.
u know what, these few days, rasa seperti sangat hangin kerana sedikit progress pun tak ada. literature review jalan merangkak seperti siput, paper lain untuk compound identification pun belum buat. draft dah ada itupun draft buat masa kat kampus dulu. timing sangat salah. mungkin keputusan untuk balik ke kl for good is the main problem here. not the timing.
i really thought that i manage to finish everything at home. ooh jangan harap. actually i'm really focus in doing work. i need scattered pappers around the room or table, and a very nice time to concentrate. usually around midnight. oh masa tu memang laju i buat kerja. last time was in langkawi, and it stopped there. no more info adding and scattered paper since that. sangat susah hati sebab i really can't do anything since that. last thursday, pulang dari langkawi and yesterday was the time for me to take a break and today pindah barang rumah naik lorry and my cousin dropping by. killed the time by watching titanic and filling up forms.
and tomorrow i need to follow the family balik kampung (the remain furniture and house stuff will be put there in sungai petani). of course lah boleh ke nak buat party scattered papers dekat kampung tu? i don't think so. internet excess pon tak dak. jangan harap. i insist tak mahu ikut but my parents wont let me. they said woh tempat ni bahaya. not just tempat ni, if saya ada kat rumah balai pun, they will tell the same thing. one thing about them is, they treat me like budak darjah 5. shit, i am almost 26. yeah, it's not about timing. its about the decision. i shouldn't be home early.
so now i just redha je. saya penat nak marah or mengeluh what so over. so i decided to go back to johore after balik dari kampung. and do my work.
entah bila nak habis master kalau macam ni..haih!

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