Thursday, December 3, 2009

it is a drastic decision..

guess what?

i'm going back to kl..going back means going back forever (oklah sangat over jika ada perkataan forever kat belakang itu)..

so, my labwork is done, i need to concentrate on my writing now. God knows when will i finish this writing thing. i hope i could finish this all by max next february and submit! hooray! 12/12 is my last day here..hopefully!

and december comes again.. last december i wrote about how i like december very's the end of the year. and the year end sale, and the christmast decorations, thicker magazines and yes, it's time for me to have an absolute new year's resolution..the true one..!

-i'm quite sad to leave all these johore things behind. i'm gonna miss this place a lot! gonna miss the otak-otak, the rm5 CD's beli 5 percuma satu, the trees, the scenery, the disaster! the friends (sob-sob)...

friends! i promise i buat passport, we go to singapore and have fun eh?

1 comment:

  1. alahai, cm sekejap je berpoya2 ngan ko..
    dh nk blk..
    g wat passport..leh meronggeng kat kota singa..


    gonna misz u la..