Monday, November 30, 2009

when the new moon rises, how could i resist?

i finally watched new moon. after i waited for this whole year for this movie, i finally watched it! i went there with my beloved encik boyfriend, he said that the movie is good (must have the guy's opinion, u know when girls, they are a bit bias - with the topless guy thing and hot vampires and werewolves). and i really like the scene where the transformation of those werewolves guy. they looked awesome!

and i remember the last part, "marry me, bella" oh God, i'm melting!

so the movie is quite okay - this is why i hate to read the book first, the movie will turned out oh-kay. because when you read the books, you know all the details and the details were not there in the movie. my boyfriend who was completely clueless abput this twilight saga asking me why Bella is so obsessed with Edward and he kept on feeling sorry to the wolf guy, Jacob. and i said, 'if you read the book, and you are the girl, you will be completely in love, like crazily in love with Edward. you have no idea how romantic and protective he was."

and the Volturi? yeah, maybe because Dakota Fanning was one of the Volturi, i thought that the scene would be longer. it turned out just 10 minutes appearance of this girl. however, i like the fight scene also -it was rough!

ooooh! i can't wait to watch Eclipse mid next year. in the book there were lots of history there so i have no idea how they turn it into a movie. maybe it will be more interesting in telling each of the Cullen and werewolves old stories.

And now i realized that Rob Pattinson is not really that gorgeous after all. he was full of make up and lipstick. and i like Alice, she's beautiful and Rosalie looks quite weird (maybe because i already know that she's brunnette not blonde) and Carlisle looks plumper and cuter! i must admit that Jacob has become a hottie too!

so yeah, let's wait patiently for the next saga.

so in love with twilight!


  1. zura..aritu kite jumpe twilight version bm tau..
    translated title:
    1. twilight-senjakala...
    ok laa gak, sounds relevant
    2. new moon-cinta baru..
    haha..what the?
    tiru asan...

  2. yeke?

    mesti baca tergelak-gelak sebab kelakar jee..

    new moon - cinta baru?

    kelaka nye!