Thursday, November 26, 2009

the plain white tees

when i saw the mannequin wear this plain white ts i just like 'whoaaa macam baju pagoda' and grab and pay. it is really nice tho. it's classic! just like baju pagoda..haha..

and i thought maybe i will add some layering to spice up this baju pagoda i think of cutting this shirt. and make it as a short sleeves cardigan style..yes, i don't want to wear this anymore because it's a bit tight for me so i made it loose.

yey! terus pakai hokeh. it turned out nice. and yey, there' a lot of ways to wear this plain white ts. so tak rasa berdosa kerana membeli belah dengan banyak di petang sabtu dan ahad yang lalu..huhu..

oh, selamat hari raya qurban to all..
i still be around here..sebab sangat komited dengan kerja..

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