Friday, November 13, 2009

peelfresh and the wake up time

i woke up at 10.59 am this morning. i know it sounds sooooo 'gila-anak-dara-hapa-pemalas-nak-mampus-dah-tengahari-baru-nak-bangun', but still i don't mind and don't care whatever. i was so intoxicated with writing my thesis, and i know that yeah, this is my time, i should appreciate it no matter what time it is..

i have a lot of work to do. and i really can't do anything if there is an internet connection and 'this' is one of my distracter - blogging and blog hopping. so when i'm home and there's nothing else distracts me, there i am writing continuously. but trust me, this opportunity doesn't come handy. i usually ended up sleep or watching gossip girl over and over again....

ok lah, babai..
i need to get ready.
Dr. K will be waiting for me..

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