Wednesday, November 18, 2009

no title.


i missed the training just because of things that not involving me at all..
and my cultured cells are contaminated again..

and tomorrow the trip to kl has been canceled (that's a relief)..

and i feel sleepy and tired because of the scolding and yelling things..

and i feel like i want to finish this as soon as posibble. and i am stressing out about not getting any money starting from jan next year. i am so confused with the move in and move out things because i need to get out from that hostel room on 12th next month. i decided to pack things up and head back to kl for gooood but things are a bit rough these few weeks and days (the contamination things are driving me crazy)..maybe i should stay at arbainah's.

i should let it loose right? like i said to my friends just don't waste your stress hormone for unnecessary things. it's the future. u don't know what happen in the future. just concentrate on todays matters.

ok, this freaking me out. i'm advising myself..


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