Sunday, November 8, 2009

everything is just so s''' today. weekend here is just not my day bluargh!

i'm soooo hungry. even i've already ate 1 bungkus of rice and a drumstick bakar madu and 2 slices of sotong kurita sambal, yogurt, mineral water almost half, and a small pack of green guava and mixed with asam boi sedap which i bought at pagoh last week. ok, jambu dibeli di kedai kolej, not in pagoh what ever..

and maybe i was soo stress of what happen today and the weather is getting gloomier. ok ok.. everything was okay when i ate all the foods that i mentioned just now. then i peeked at my cells in the flask (this is is so technical) ceh ceh ceh! got ulat inside them i feel like i wanted to scream. but i am a patient girl, i know how to deal with all these kind of stupid things so i washed and washed so that i can get rid of that stupid ulat but no, they are still there and i just stuff those flasks into the incubator again and hope to be okay (and i am sure tomorow the ulat will reproduce again contaminating all my cells, i don't know).

and after that, i was surfing the cimb clicks, and transferring money and suddenly the page cannot be displayed. apehal? than i was so kelam kabut packed up and headed home (home means my residential college) because i was hoping that there will be an internet connection (wireless konon) and i was so cuak because it involves money! OMG what if suddenly there's someone broke into m account and stole all these money? waaaa..!(ok, i have not much money but still..).

i headed back home, sidai baju sebab panas sangat (and hopefully the clothes are dried soon) and went to the student centre. wireless konon! while waiting the internet connection, the rain was pouring down and yes, all my clothes KONFOM basah! i hate to see the screen gone blank without any internet access (2 bars okay! still no connection ke? stupid!) so i packed again my stuff, buy jambu and went to my room. call encik boyfriend he was hanging out with this pakcik datang dari sabah, apakah?. FINE! i deal this myself...!

so now i am in ce.pp dealing with stuff and thank God the internet connection here is extremely good.

and i don't know what's my plan next, i have no mood in writing, reading and stuff. so maybe i'll buy a mcvalue meal drive through after this. i was planning to go to jusco, and think about buying something but i have no money, and i also think that i can go to jakell for kain ela and that also involving money. so i just grab something to eat after this.


that's all..

i'm release...

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