Monday, November 30, 2009

when the new moon rises, how could i resist?

i finally watched new moon. after i waited for this whole year for this movie, i finally watched it! i went there with my beloved encik boyfriend, he said that the movie is good (must have the guy's opinion, u know when girls, they are a bit bias - with the topless guy thing and hot vampires and werewolves). and i really like the scene where the transformation of those werewolves guy. they looked awesome!

and i remember the last part, "marry me, bella" oh God, i'm melting!

so the movie is quite okay - this is why i hate to read the book first, the movie will turned out oh-kay. because when you read the books, you know all the details and the details were not there in the movie. my boyfriend who was completely clueless abput this twilight saga asking me why Bella is so obsessed with Edward and he kept on feeling sorry to the wolf guy, Jacob. and i said, 'if you read the book, and you are the girl, you will be completely in love, like crazily in love with Edward. you have no idea how romantic and protective he was."

and the Volturi? yeah, maybe because Dakota Fanning was one of the Volturi, i thought that the scene would be longer. it turned out just 10 minutes appearance of this girl. however, i like the fight scene also -it was rough!

ooooh! i can't wait to watch Eclipse mid next year. in the book there were lots of history there so i have no idea how they turn it into a movie. maybe it will be more interesting in telling each of the Cullen and werewolves old stories.

And now i realized that Rob Pattinson is not really that gorgeous after all. he was full of make up and lipstick. and i like Alice, she's beautiful and Rosalie looks quite weird (maybe because i already know that she's brunnette not blonde) and Carlisle looks plumper and cuter! i must admit that Jacob has become a hottie too!

so yeah, let's wait patiently for the next saga.

so in love with twilight!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

what happen to facebook?

is it because of the facebook itself or the server..?

anyway, i watched new moon already.. will update later..

Saturday, November 28, 2009

the red baju kurung pahang

selamat hari raya qurban to all.

apa yang anda semua korbankan setakat ini?
korban nyawa?korban body, no?

as for me, mungkin korban duit minyak untuk ke rumah arbainah dari skudai ke pasir gudang is it. but it was all worth it! stew kambing sedap woo..

anyway, i was so stupid i brought my camera all but didn't capture any pics of rumah arbainah yang besar gila and oren itu (its actually beige something like that).

special appearance of my not-so-new-accessory..

Thursday, November 26, 2009

the plain white tees

when i saw the mannequin wear this plain white ts i just like 'whoaaa macam baju pagoda' and grab and pay. it is really nice tho. it's classic! just like baju pagoda..haha..

and i thought maybe i will add some layering to spice up this baju pagoda i think of cutting this shirt. and make it as a short sleeves cardigan style..yes, i don't want to wear this anymore because it's a bit tight for me so i made it loose.

yey! terus pakai hokeh. it turned out nice. and yey, there' a lot of ways to wear this plain white ts. so tak rasa berdosa kerana membeli belah dengan banyak di petang sabtu dan ahad yang lalu..huhu..

oh, selamat hari raya qurban to all..
i still be around here..sebab sangat komited dengan kerja..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

i'm in the business of misery.!

I'm in the business of misery, Let's take it from the top.She's got a body like an hourglass that's ticking like a clock.It's a matter of time before we all run out,When I thought he was mine she caught him by the mouth.

I waited eight long months,She finally set him free.I told him I can't lie he was the only one for me. Two weeks and we had caught on fire,She's got it out for me,But I wear the biggest smile.

Whoa, I never meant to brag But, I got him where I want him now.Whoa, it was never my intention to brag To steal it all away from you now.But God does it feel so good,Cause I got him where I want him right now.And if you could then you know you would.Cause God it just feels so,It just feels so good.

Second chances they don't ever matter, people never change.Once a whore you're nothing more, I'm sorry, that'll never change.And about forgiveness, we're both supposed to have exchanged.I'm sorry honey, but I'm passing up, now look this way.Well there's a million other girls who do it just like you.Looking as innocent as possible to get to who, They want and what they want it's easy if you do it right.Well I refuse, I refuse, I refuse!

It just feels so.It just feels so good. I watched his wildest dreams come true. Not one of them involving you. Just watch my wildest dreams come true. Not one of them involving.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

nasi lemak pukul 9 makan pukul 5

bila rasa nak nangis, apa perlu buat? masa sekolah time form 1 mula-mula masuk asrama kawan-kawan ajar kalau nak nangis, time mandi paling sesuai. bukak shower then nangislah kau puas-puas..tapi jangan nangis wuwuwuuuu yang beria tu, nanti kantoi pulak yang kau tidak kental...

tapi bila dah besar macam ni, macam susah nak nangis. dulu nangis sebab rindu tv kat rumah. sekarang tv dah tak heran nak nangis pasal apa lagi tah. dulu nangis sebab sakit sekarang immune system sangat hebat (ceh hebat ke?) maka sekarang jarang nangis kerana jarang sakit. kalau sakit pun takdelah sakit sampai nak nangis.. dulu nangis sebab mak marah sangat dasyat lalu tersedu-sedu tekup muka kat bantal sampai basah bantal sekarang mak pun dah malas nak marah kau dah besar, buat lah apa yang betul..

nangis dulu ngan nangis sekarang pun dah lain..nangis dulu ada lagu sekarang nangis sok sek sok sek je ek..

bukan sebab saya makan nasi lemak yang dibeli pukul 9 tadi n baru makan pukul 5 - bukan sebab tu nak nangis ke hapa..

tapi bila sendiri rasa nak nangis tapi tak boleh nangis tu yang paling seksa..


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

no title.


i missed the training just because of things that not involving me at all..
and my cultured cells are contaminated again..

and tomorrow the trip to kl has been canceled (that's a relief)..

and i feel sleepy and tired because of the scolding and yelling things..

and i feel like i want to finish this as soon as posibble. and i am stressing out about not getting any money starting from jan next year. i am so confused with the move in and move out things because i need to get out from that hostel room on 12th next month. i decided to pack things up and head back to kl for gooood but things are a bit rough these few weeks and days (the contamination things are driving me crazy)..maybe i should stay at arbainah's.

i should let it loose right? like i said to my friends just don't waste your stress hormone for unnecessary things. it's the future. u don't know what happen in the future. just concentrate on todays matters.

ok, this freaking me out. i'm advising myself..


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the kotak shirt is in!


they are from topshop, acne and zara..
but mine are just from 'buy-one-free-one' shirt, and voir jeans. muahaha..

oh, i should pair this with that cardigan aite? oh tak payahlah, kau nak pergi mana tempat sejuk kat sini?


Sunday, November 15, 2009


(haha, sebab hangen, maka kata ganti diri terus tukar dari saya --> aku)

semalam pergi ke BIG apple di Batu Pahat Mall..satu je BIG apple kat bp mall tu tak de lain dah.dan aku tak tahu pekerja di situ datang dari mana, mungkin dari zoo agaknye sebab layan orang macam layan hapa tah..

kenapa aku hangen? kenapa aku hangen?

kerana semalam, di big apple itu, around pukul 4.30 ke 5.20 macam tu, aku decide nak beli 3 ketul donut maka berdiri lah aku di situ nak main pilih-pilih..namun adala dekat 1 minit aku tidak dipedulikan, itu takpe lagi, lepas orang P''' itu datang (tak sempat tengok nametag siapa tah nama dia) aku tunjuk satu, maka dia amek satu. lepas tu of kos aku mahu decide maka tunjukkan tanda 'hold' dulu untuk aku decide. dia dengan kurang hajarnya meletakkan kotak donut atas cermin dan blah dan biar aku ternganga kat situ pilih donut. hello! aku decide tak sampai 30 saat okeh. ini dah kes malas nak layan customer!

maka adela seorang pakcik datang lalu meng'entertained' aku dan pakcik ni pun letakkan kotak itu di meja kaunter dengan baik sekali..

selepas itu,

aku mahu order tambahan maka dapat free satu donut lagi dan ingin makan di situ. cashier kat situ bernama 'NICO' nama poyo siut tapi muka hodoh tak hengat senyum pun tak, lepas tu macam oh kereknya sebab aku tanya;

'dah masuk sekali bayaran yang saya order ni ke?'

'ha , sekali' muka masam. kau apahal tak reti berkomunikasi dengan senyuman ke? sebab aku senyum kat kau kan?bukan sebab aku nak ngorat kau yang hodoh tu, tapi aku nak bersikap seperti seorang azurah yang baik!

bila aku duduk bersama encik boyfriend sambil menunggu order, datanglah air dan donut itu, donut atas piring.

si bodoh itu letak piring dengan kasarnya sampai piring tu menari salsa (the one yang bunyi berpusing-pusing itu).


aku tulis ini balik terasa hangen balik..

sebab aku melayu maka berbudi bahasa penting. orang melayu yang kampung macam aku (kau orang batu pahat kerja kat big apple je - aku dok kl dari kecik sampai dewasa - ye, aku melayu lagi kampung dari kau - dan aku dan boifren aku ada degree dan kau ada hapa je -nak bagitau customer datang dari pelbagai dari lapisan masyarakat) kau tak reti layan customer macam customer ke? yang kau layan kitorang macam kambing kenapa?

kambing betull..

aku terus rasa nak tulis surat pada manager big apple cawangan batu pahat sekarang jugak..sebab aku bukan orang jenis orally abuse main sound macam tu je. sebab aku melayu pemalu..(blargh!)

ok dah..

Friday, November 13, 2009

peelfresh and the wake up time

i woke up at 10.59 am this morning. i know it sounds sooooo 'gila-anak-dara-hapa-pemalas-nak-mampus-dah-tengahari-baru-nak-bangun', but still i don't mind and don't care whatever. i was so intoxicated with writing my thesis, and i know that yeah, this is my time, i should appreciate it no matter what time it is..

i have a lot of work to do. and i really can't do anything if there is an internet connection and 'this' is one of my distracter - blogging and blog hopping. so when i'm home and there's nothing else distracts me, there i am writing continuously. but trust me, this opportunity doesn't come handy. i usually ended up sleep or watching gossip girl over and over again....

ok lah, babai..
i need to get ready.
Dr. K will be waiting for me..

Thursday, November 12, 2009

u are --- because u treat me like a kuli...

yea! i'm jobless again next year..
wish me luck in finding a new job...

oh, i want moneeeey.........

Sunday, November 8, 2009

everything is just so s''' today. weekend here is just not my day bluargh!

i'm soooo hungry. even i've already ate 1 bungkus of rice and a drumstick bakar madu and 2 slices of sotong kurita sambal, yogurt, mineral water almost half, and a small pack of green guava and mixed with asam boi sedap which i bought at pagoh last week. ok, jambu dibeli di kedai kolej, not in pagoh what ever..

and maybe i was soo stress of what happen today and the weather is getting gloomier. ok ok.. everything was okay when i ate all the foods that i mentioned just now. then i peeked at my cells in the flask (this is is so technical) ceh ceh ceh! got ulat inside them i feel like i wanted to scream. but i am a patient girl, i know how to deal with all these kind of stupid things so i washed and washed so that i can get rid of that stupid ulat but no, they are still there and i just stuff those flasks into the incubator again and hope to be okay (and i am sure tomorow the ulat will reproduce again contaminating all my cells, i don't know).

and after that, i was surfing the cimb clicks, and transferring money and suddenly the page cannot be displayed. apehal? than i was so kelam kabut packed up and headed home (home means my residential college) because i was hoping that there will be an internet connection (wireless konon) and i was so cuak because it involves money! OMG what if suddenly there's someone broke into m account and stole all these money? waaaa..!(ok, i have not much money but still..).

i headed back home, sidai baju sebab panas sangat (and hopefully the clothes are dried soon) and went to the student centre. wireless konon! while waiting the internet connection, the rain was pouring down and yes, all my clothes KONFOM basah! i hate to see the screen gone blank without any internet access (2 bars okay! still no connection ke? stupid!) so i packed again my stuff, buy jambu and went to my room. call encik boyfriend he was hanging out with this pakcik datang dari sabah, apakah?. FINE! i deal this myself...!

so now i am in ce.pp dealing with stuff and thank God the internet connection here is extremely good.

and i don't know what's my plan next, i have no mood in writing, reading and stuff. so maybe i'll buy a mcvalue meal drive through after this. i was planning to go to jusco, and think about buying something but i have no money, and i also think that i can go to jakell for kain ela and that also involving money. so i just grab something to eat after this.


that's all..

i'm release...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

you are so far away. how should i spend my time today?

other than searching more journals, the correlation between glucose uptake and lactate realease, the difference between ethanolic and water extract of herbs, outline of research design, search on how to make a mass balance for both extractions. plus, why i face the contamination problem again? why while doing the MTT assay, the cells detached? why i can't found a better explanation for all of these? and why and why and why?

and why am i spending my time ALONE and AGAIN today?

enough said. i am a loner. oh i wish i can have friends to hang out with. and wish him to be here.

how i wish...

Friday, November 6, 2009

drug discovery dan ape tah.

bila balik dari kl, drive pulak tu, hari isnin pulak tu --tiba-tiba hari selasa mereka berkata 'khamis kita pergi kl untuk dengar talk di uk.m kl'. ergh!!!!

maka, rabu selepas main badminton dengan semangat nan waja bajet tak mahu tidur langsung sebab bas pukul 3 pagi berikutnya tapi tidur jugak tak tahan mata. bertolaklah jalan kaki dari kolej ke f.ab (sebab kolej gate besar sudah kunci) tempat berkumpul biasa dengn kamini last-last kitorang sampai dulu and bas pulak bertolak pukul 4.30 am ^*&*%^$^$^&(*)_(*(&(..tertekan ako!

tapi nak buat macam mana, dengan semangat juga sepanjang perjalanan tidur saje nyenyak pulak tu terus, makan nasi lemak basi kat pagoh (tanpa disedari) dan makan mi sup pulak. lepas tu sampai muka sememeh gila tanpa mandi (mandi pukul 2.30 pagi) mata pisat-pisat masuk talk. nasib baik talk sedap didengar hanya satu talk memang tak tahan mata terus tidur lagi (kali ni hebat sebab rasanya tidak tersengguk-sengguk. maintain konon dengar talk padahal mata pejam)

4.30 petang terus chow balik johore semula. singgah pagoh makan pau amira yang sedap. sampai bilik terus pengsan..

adoi, what a day!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

i like the old cleo

masa dulu-dulu sangat devoted pada cleo yang lama. maksud cleo yang lama adalah cleo masa tahun 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 dan sebelum-sebelumnya. bila first keluar mini cleo masa jan 2009, terus teruja dan ingin memiliki. terus beli dan jatuh cinta buat kali ke lapan belas. tapi bila selak, adeh sedih pulak isi sudah semakin kurang la. jadi tunggu bulan berikutnya sebab mana tahu sebab dia kecik, maka isi pun mungkin kurang..

tengok tebal pun dah teruja-uja..

jadi bila tunggu bulan berikutnya isi tetap sama. tak puas baca sebab tak banyak isi. tebal pun dah tak berapa tebal dah tapi tetap beli jugak sebab dah addict sangat. maka tunggu sampai bulan lepas terus beli women's weekly atas alasan 'gua sudah dewasa'. plus, saya boleh belajar masak, belajar bela anak, belajar jadi mama vogue what so over.

see? even it teaches you how to play the family politics.

dan ternampak cleo lama-lama dulu ada yang tersimpan kat lab, ada yang simpan kat office, terus ambil balik dan baca balik dan riang balik. sebab i miss the old cleo. haish, i should send something yang feedback kat depan-depan majalah tu kan? so i boleh dapat gifts. eheh..

Monday, November 2, 2009

house keeping ya'll!

sebab sudah mahu pindah, jadi abah dan emak sudah suruh berkemas-kemas. jadi terpaksalah punggah segala bagai khazanah yang ada di dalam kotak di bawah katil. punggah punya punggah, terjumpalah segala khazanah lama seperti kertas-kertas merepek di bawah ini;

ini encik boifren yang bagi kerana terlalu cinta pada saya. eceh. i want to spend my lifetime loving you okeh!

ini adalah hasil seni sangat minat gila dengan marshall mathers aka eminem, lalu tulis lagu the kids untuk disemadikan. tulis ini masa tingkatan 5 dulu..

ini adalah hasil karya semasa matriks dulu. obviously adalah robot dari kulit album linkin park yang hebat. lalu lukis dan semadikan dalam poster untuk hari IT ke hapa tah dah tak ingat. gila gempak lukisan itu kerana kepala otak group semua kreatif maka lukis dua robot yang sedang berlawan siap ade bumi kat tengah.

ini adalah saat-saat menjiwangkan diri. sambil bosan sambil rindu maka lukis perkara yang bukan-bukan. terus lekat kat softboard bilik..

ini juga hasil yang boleh kata membanggakan juge kerana hasil dari kelendar lama, potong-potong, lekas-lekat maka jadilah jadual kelas. yang rompong itu sudah tercabut..maklumlah, jadual masa second year dulu..