Tuesday, October 27, 2009

not in morning mode...

it's hard for me to see the sun rise. usually the windows and curtains still shut, i can't even tell what time it is. wake up for subuh then off to bed again and wake up just before the sun hits straight above the head.

honestly, i'm not a morning person. so, anything invloves morning, i will definitely think is it important? is it worth to go? is it necessary? i will do anything to skip that unimportant stuff which involves morning and make silly excuses like i have other work to do, i have other meetings, i don't know about that because i'm uninformed, something like that.

and i don't like to rush. okay, like if i am the one who given the responsibility that day to book a court and definitely if we want to play at our usual time 9-11 pm, we need to book at 8 am and accidentaly i woke up at 9 and OMG i'm late already. should i rush? should i? no rite?

so i calmly stared at the mirror, took my bath stuff, headed for shower, get dressed, drink milo, and off to the hall and book the court. and i still can get 8-9 pm enough for one hour. it is called fate. if you are late, you are late. if it is what you get, that's what you get. so don;t stress out if you are not a morning person.

i think people around me, some people do not like the way i live. it definitely effect other's life. there will be meeting without 'me' or breakfast without 'me' or morning trip to ladang nanas without 'me' or a car ride with 'me' in the morning (oh, it's all about 'me'). but honestly, i'm not missing out all. i still can come on time during my job as a toy promoter back in 2003. i still can come for my proposal presentation (di mana itu adalah hidup atau mati). and i still know how to manage my time. seriously, i didn't miss out any important things yet (as i remember).

ok dah.

*i can't beleive there is a wikihow in how to be a morning person..ok,ok i 'll save it maybe for the next time sake!

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