Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i don't know what happen to me..

these few days, konon nak salahkan PMS ke hapa, but honestly my mind is going somewhere and start to hate everybody and keep on bragging about how much work that i've done and nagging about people who deosn't know how to put things back to its place, become a silent mode handphone, begin a war with people i love.

these few days, i don't know what's happening to me, i feel like my inner self being drifted away and mix up with 'konon' emotional baggage and feel sad..

am i stress?


and i feel like i ignored myself truly for not being happy and sad and care. i just being selfish and i don't bother of what people think of me. i am mean and honestly, i am a very bad person. i ignored everything, i ignored my own feeling, i ignored other's feeling. sometimes i hurt them as much as i hurt myself. i can't be a shoulder to cry on. i sometimes don't want to know others happy news. i feel envy, i feel bad to myself. i was down.

ok sudah..sudah..

seriously, i terus nak salahkan PMS..

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