Friday, October 9, 2009


shortest title i know. i'm so exhausted macam hapa. woke up early, went to the lab and hoping to do some labwork and hoping it will be run smoothly..ya ya ya..smoothly, when u start labwork at 10.00 and you have to attend a n open house at 12. u need to pick up altered baju kurung in taman u and pick up samples from pusat kesihatan...ya ya ya...

and suddenly A LOT of things happen, markers at another block, wire gone missing, no ice cubes and i just realize that the other lab is too far away from my lab. konon nak run agarose gel kat lab kak siti. i ended up walking here and there looking exhausted, kept on forgetting things, run back to my lab. went to kak siti's lab again, forgetting things again..ya ya ya...

and the clock stroke 12. still searching for wires, kept on changing gloves (i'm too paranoid dealing with EtBr - boleh mandul woh!) then call arbainah to wait for another 30 minutes. baru boleh pergi rumah terbuka. and sesat! took around 30 minutes padahal rumah 10 mins tak sampai. ya ya ya...

ok, thank God makanan sedap gila, i'm so hungry i dig in laksa johore and nasi minyak. lantak! and terus mintak resepi laksa johore (balik mesti buat). and pick up my altered baju kurung, kedai tutup pulak! terpaksa balik lab dengan rasa kecewa and continue my labwork. .

after a chaotic situation dengan glove ke mana, positive negative electrode salah, kept on changing gel kejap pusing sana-kejap pusing sini, at last dapat result juga. but ya ya ya..macam tahi, nevermind, first time is always like that kan? and i'm glad i managed to set up a place for us to do DNA laddering. nevermind, nevermind, bebeh. you still got time. do it again next week ya!


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