Wednesday, October 28, 2009

girl of the day - the presenter

for the first time in this few months, i woke up at 7 something and with full of energy and a small plastic bag of nescaffe i headed to N29 to watch see and support our lab girl - kak ana the presenter. yes, she's having a viva today and eh, poyonye kau apesal kau pulak yang excited? nevermind..

and of course she was supported by mama khalisa (named kak sam) and kak dihah. we sat at the back and making noise (the humming noise not the loud one because we are trying to compete with the presenter - siapa paling cepat jawab soalan dulu). however, kak ana is the best and yes, we help a lot! ceh ceh padahal tolong jawab yes and single bond je and continued making noise (pasti prof di depan sangat hangen..)

ceh, gambar phone 2 megapixel macam ni je qualitinya? *tense*

middle chain fatty acid, ok salah, in the middle - kak ana the presenter.

okay dah.. to kak ana, congrates to you! u will be a lecturer soon, yeeha! jangan lupa i pulak eh..thanks for everything..(eh eh ni dedikasi ape pulak..)

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