Tuesday, September 15, 2009

once upon a time in a place call putrajaya (english version)

do not ask why this post has the English version. if you've read this in bahasa, do not bother to read this entry. :)

the last time i went to putrajaya was in 2003/4.
i borrowed my friend's motorcycle and headed to Putrajaya - with my dearest-we-still-together-until-now boyfriend.the journey took only 30 minutes from my uni in Bangi and i'm sure the shortest way to go there is using Jalan Ayer Itam and Lebuh Perdana Timur (i googled can't remember the name but remember the way).

and this time no more riding motorcycle but my *dearest-we-still-together-until-now-and i-love-him-because-he-owned-a-persona* boyfriend's car (okay, that's long and i love him NOT just because of THAT). and we went there during the fasting month, Ramadhan. my intention is to capture some beautiful picture here and to pray in Putra Mosque and this is my first time ever praying here since its opening in 2000's.

the mosque is so magnificent, i feel like i wanted to cry..

see there? i'm wearing a blue robe! actually, i was given this robe because i was wearing an inappropriate attire (i was thinking that my long sleeve shirt and pants and scarf are appropriate enough).so, yes female visitors are not allowed in pants and jeans and shirt or blouse with short hemline, hot pants, short skirts and stuff. so the muslims were given the blue robe and the non muslim visitors were given the pink rob. the robes were given to those who are not following the dress code.

but i feel so happy to see all the non-muslim come and interested in knowing our holy mosque. from far, i can see the officers gave a brief about the mosque and there's an information board for visitors to know the meaning of each movement in solat. the non-muslim visitors can took pictures from the main entrance (which they can see the mimbar clearly) and amaze by the magnificence of the inside architecture.

after solat, we enjoyed the beauty of this mosque. oh, it really is magnificent!

in front of the mosque, there is a roundabout called Bulatan Perdana Putra where the landscape is beautiful and we can see the building of the Prime Minister's office clearly.

i was so disappointed when the food court near Putra lake was under construction. the view is actually breathtaking because it was nicely built on the lake and we can enjoy the lake view and people actually can cruise around the lake with a big cruiser there.

actually, there's a lot of tourist attraction in Putrajaya. since we were fasting and the weather was hot, we decided to head off to alamanda. here are the list of attractions in Putrajaya;

* Perdana Putra
* Putra Mosque
* Putra Bridge
* Iron Mosque (Masjid Besi)
* Putrajaya Independence Square
* Millennium Monument
* Palace of Justice
* Seri Perdana
* Seri Perdana Bridge
* Putrajaya Landmark
* Putrajaya Wetlands Park
* Putrajaya Convention Centre
* Taman Selatan
* Perdana Leadership Foundation
* Melawati National Palace
* Heritage Square
* Putrajaya Ministry of Finance
* Wisma Putra
* Selera Putra
* Istana Darul Ehsan
* Putrajaya Lake
* Alamanda Putrajaya
* Souq Putrajaya
* Pusat Kejiranan Presint 9
* Pusat Kejiranan Presint 16


and i don't think that pusat kejiranan is also can consider a place for tourist to visit? :)

and i hope that next time, we can go to all of these places and appreciate what Malaysia has.

siapa kata Malaysia tak cantik, heh?

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