Wednesday, August 12, 2009

saya sudah mula rindu Kuching..part 2

the next day, went to have our breakfast at moly's and my family sent me to Hilton for my conference whilst they will be walking around town that day. they went to Muzium Sarawak, China Street and India Street. after the conference, we headed out again to see the cat statue (which is the trademark for Bandar Kuching). after that, we had our dinner at the riverside (again) eating nasi ayam penyet (i thought nasi ayam penyet is famously known here in johore only). the taste is quite nice (but the one in pasir gudang was much better) and quite expensive too.

so the next day, we headed to the tourism centre where we can ask for maps and infos about Kuching. so we decided to go to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre to see the real life of orang utan (they are freely live in the jungle, not caged). we were going by van and the fee is rm25 per person including the entrance fee. it was an amazing experience (no we can't touch them) but to see them hanging around freely above our head.

that evening, we decided to eat somewhere else so we rode river taxis (finally) with 40 cents per ride, to the other side of the river (call Kampung Boyan). there are a row of small shop lot selling craft and kek lapis (the shops are just newly built) and local people said that there is a kek lapis factory around here (sadly, we didn't go there ). but there are two big canopies where a lot of food stalls with variety of foods nearby. we ate mi kolok, claypot tomyam and claypot mix soup. the food is delicious and cheaper to!

before going to the conference that wednesday (last day, yey!), we headed to Pasar Satok for ikan terubok masin. we went there by taxi and it cost us rm11 (another rm11 to head back to bandar). seriously, before this i thought they sell it like selling dried salted fish, but it is actually a fresh fish with salt. and we actually can keep this unrefrigerated for days and the fishmonger can wrap nicely in a box. (urgh, sedapnye ikan terubuk masin). after the conference, we rode the taxi river again, and went to fort marghareta. unfortunately, the place is close at 6 (we arrived there at 6.30) so we captured some photos outside the fort and headed back to moly's for dinner.

on thursday, we decided to go to Taman Negara Bako. early in the morning, we walked and breakfast at bismillah cafe near the taxi stand. to go to Bako by bus, it just cost you rm2 per person and with van, rm5 per person (if the van is full). unfortunately, there is no bus around that morning (we should wait actually) so we took a van that cost us rm 35 per ride (they charged per van not per person, remember?) and took around 45 minutes to go there. from the jetty, we need to ride a boat for another 45 minutes to Taman Negara. for a boat, it cost rm47 perboat per ride (if less then 4 person) and rm8 perperson per ride (if more than 5 person). so, we joined this German couple in a boat ride that cost all of us less per person.

Taman Negara Bako is a magnificent place to enjoy the scenery. there is a lot of trail where the visitors are free to explore by jungle trekking or they can actually ask for ranger to show you around. as for my family, we were not using any ranger and we actually took the shortest trail there named teluk Paku. we headed back to the jetty at 3.30 pm (very tiring and hot!) and took the rm2 bus ride back to Kuching.

that evening, we packed our stuff and flew back to kl. the trip was very nice and i kind of missing every single moment in Kuching. plus, it was a long time ago since my family had a trip together.


*saya hanya benci waktu panas terik di sana - my brother said 'musim elnino'. sampai johor setiap hari redup - nice..nice.. :)

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