Tuesday, August 11, 2009

saya sudah mula rindu Kuching..

remember i told you about my trip to Kuching, Sarawak?
yes, i miss that place already or maybe i miss being away for vacation, very nice (rasa takmau datang langsung nak goyang kaki sahaja..)

actually it was not supposedly a holiday trip but i need to present my poster there in Hilton hotel like 'i need' sebab sebenarnya tak berapa penting pun.. when i told my mom that my abstract had been accepted in poster presentation in Sarawak, and i will be ALONE there, my mom insisted to follow me instead. so it was the whole family trip to Kuching, we've never been there.

so, that earrrrly morning of sunday, we took a cab to KL central and took a bus to LCCT. the bus trip, the flight tickets and the meals cost me rm200 (per person and pergi balik) and it gets cheaper if the tickets booked in groups and early (faham-faham saja bila naik air asia).the journey took about 1 hour 45 mins.

we arrived there at Kuching International Airport around 10.30 am and a girl holding a placard written my mom's name waiting for us. my advice is, if you are on budget you better go there in a group of 8 or 10. it will not cost you much! because here, a small pink van will be the main transport for you to go anywhere (bersepah kat bandar kuching tu) and it usually cost you per van (not perperson ya)! and the taxi fair from the airport to Kuching cost you RM22 (goes the same from Kuching to the airport - tak termasuk jalan-jalan sekitarnya).

my mom already booked a van before we arrived there so the first place we went was Serikin. it's a very nice shooping place (not a shopping complex do not expect an air-conditioned buildings or some extravagan cosy place to shop). it looks like pasar malam, like a flea market and very hot (depends on the weather) and they sell a lot of cheap unique things like kebaya sulam (bargain at rm30) and telekong sembahyang kerawang simple (bargain at rm 30) they also have tikar sarawak, handcrafts and lots of indonesian stuff like a nice tudung arini with a very cheap price and levi's celup! and this place just open on saturdays and sundays only (sundays will be closed at 1 pm).

after that we went to Tasik Biru (it's an ex mine) we just went there and enjoyed the scenery (tapi cuaca sangat panas). the water is crystal clear but unfortunately, it is dangerous to dip your legs in there because of high arsenic content. we snapped a few photos and hopped into the van again.

we went to 'yong huat heng brick and earthen ware factory' where they make pots and vase from clay. they have small pots from rm 2.50 each and other stuff like sarawak handicrafts. after that we had our lunch and went to the next stop. i couldn't remember the name, but that place is a place you can enjoy for a cup of birds' nest soup sold at rm 10, tongkat ali, algae (can't remember the name also) and lots of pepper and coffee product specially made in borneo island.

we were so tired so we headed to our hotel. one more advise from me - if you book a van for a day trip around Kuching, use it wisely. you can ask them to wait for you (kalau nak mandi atau apa untuk lebih segar) and continue your trip around town and you can ask them to go anywhere you want and make sure that you actually know where to go. if not they will ask you 'nak pergi mana lagi?'. like us, we didn't do our homework, we didn't know which place to go, we were very tired and the trip ended at 4.00 pm and it cost you rm250! (sangat rugi).

but the place we stayed was very nice and cosy called 'John's Place'. it's a budget hotel - a room with 2 queen size bed with a tv, air-conditioned, hot and cold water is just rm85 per night (much-much cheaper than the hotels around us). it is 5 minutes walk from Hilton, 5 minutes walk to the riverside, very near to the souvenir shops, and a groceries store called 'Eleven' (selalu beli megi to fill up my perut yang selalu bergendang). there is a restaurant named moly's place nearby where they serve halal food and it's quite cheap too.

so that night, after we freshen up and changed and slept for few hours (ganti balik pagi tadi punya tido), we went to the famous riverside of Kuching. i ate laksa sarawak for the first time - bolehla tahan (tapi takleh lawan laksa kedah i..). there is a lot of food kiosks along the riverside but the food there is actually quite expensive. a bowl of laksa cost you rm5++ and a cup of milo about rm 2.50 (tak boleh tahan).

the view however is very nice. you can see astana and DUN at the other side and river taxis. sebab dah malam, my father told us 'tak elok naik bot malam-malam' so we didn't ride the river taxi plus it was 9 pm. surprisingly most of the shops close at 8 and we have no place to go so we headed back to our hotel..

to be continued....


  1. puas saya cari di internet contact no utk John's Place Kuching, tp tak jumpa. So saya harap u boleh bagi info sbb sy nak k kch. TQ in advance

  2. hola, tidak perasan comment ini..
    anyway so sorry itu resit sudah buang plus the booking was done by my mom's friend. nanti saya usahakan untuk dapatkan no itu ya..!thanks for asking..

  3. john's place phone number for booking: 082-258329..