Monday, August 10, 2009

peristiwa bertimpa-timpa..

this blog is quite numb these few days not because the owner is sick or having fever cough sore throat whatsoever but being gone to all around malaysia feels like i don't want to do labwork anymore. but honestly, i was not huha around i was working so hard (ceh) to add some marks for my uni to get the RU title (i feel the stress too when my supervisor keep on telling us to publish more paper, international one, not the cho kia one eh).


after few days in perhentian and rest for a couple of days (konon nak get ready for my oral presentation which most of the speaker are foreigner thank God no H1N1 spreaded there at that time - saya cuak nak gila, jantung berdegup kencang sebab nak present bukan sebab selsema babi itu), to PWTC for the presentation and yes, it went well (dah supervisor bantu bolehlaa) i was in kl for one week! best woh dok rumah..

and i went back to johore to print my poster (baru nak print) did some preparation and went back to kl for kuching pulak. me and my whole family flew to kuching, Sarawak and stayed there for one week.

sebahagian hasil poster

and that week was the final week for oli. sedey woh she's one of my best friends here in JB, one of the allies who make my life happier and a lot more meaningfull than ever (muahaha gile banyak bodek kasi kipas kuat sikit). anyway, i miss you, girl! sudah bekerja ya kamu. nanti dah gaji kasi belanje aiskrim tinggi yang tak kesampaian nak makan tu.

i miss u, oli!

and yesterday,

me and my friends went to fasya's wedding, one of the staff here. jauhnyeeeee perjalanan located in segamat. drove my car (yang comel gile tengok msti toleh dua kali) to syafik's home sweet home and melenjan kereta emak beliau pula to the bride's house.

kami sudah pulang awal..

and yes,

after this, no more jalan-jalan cari pasal. i decided to rest for a while and waiting for another trip to anywhere (manusia merancang Tuhan yang menentukan). ada yang kata nak pergi pulau sibula, rancangan nak pergi ledangla, last-last tasik kampus gak jadi tumpuan. muahaha..

*mahu upload pics di kuching..later ya!

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