Thursday, July 9, 2009

boleh percaya ke?

once, my new friend asked me (u know how weird the conversation would be if we meet someone new);

"kenapa macam moody ni" ok, maybe it was a straight to the point question (how dare she asked me like that but neva mind.)

i was moody that time and i didn't know why so i blamed the weather.

"hujan. my mood depends on the weather." my sweet and simple answer surprised her. mesti dia ingat aku gila.

and i kept on sulking all day - because of the weather..

and today the weather is just the same as that day. i have no energy, i feel so damn sleepy, i feel so malas! so it's kind of true that this rainy gloomy weather can effect my mood. plus, i kind of know but not very sure about my last month's allowance is the final one and i keep on thinking about that.

so, maybe its true..terima jela..

(mana aku nak cekau duit untuk bulan ni nih? -- cis!)

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