Monday, June 8, 2009

one thing about me? i'm unstoppable

i can't stop surfing the net..
i read people's blog about dogs..
malays who owned dogs and have dogs for their pets..(very interesting)
ustaz asri's opinion about dogs and pigs..
and about this stupid person (sangat malu nak mengaku sesama islam) who strangled his neighbors' dog to death (cerita lama but still a dog topic).
suddenly i feel like i am a dog person..

i'm still a cat person, honestly..

and i think i need to rest now. get some sleep.
i've been awake since..hmm, 11.30 am yesterday..?
and yes, now is 7.15 in the morning..
you have no idea how dark my eye circles are..

maybe i should consider a gothic eye style heh?
like gerard way?

ok, need t0 sleep now..

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