Friday, June 26, 2009

last minute work..

she was packing her stuff for pangkor tomorrow while arbainah my new roommate asked me yesterday.

'tak jeles tengok aku kemas barang?' and i shaked my head.

'tak' i grinned.

and i told her that i'm a last minute person, so everything should be done last minute. everything. you can call me malas, a procrastinator atau hapa, i don't care. i like doing last minute work.

the best thing about doing last minute work, it's the blood rush! tak percaya? cuba buat tengok! as for example (saje i nak kasi u all terpengaruh!):

tomorrow u'll submit that paper, today baru nak buat. first, you will use every single minute to write that paper, terasa seperti rajin. then you will feel the pressure when the clock strike 5, ces matila nak hantar kat dr suruh check ni macam mana? pressure tu penting, it will push you to the limit (macam u memang tak boleh lari even 1 kilometer pun sebab stamina kurang, tapi bila anjing itu kejar u 10 kilometer pun u boleh lari!) got that? got that?

selepas itu, misal kata tak sempat siaplah kan. hari ni jumaat pulak, tomorrow you'll huha in pangkor there's no way u can submit that paper. so your supercreative mind will start to think..think..think..!! okay, lampu mentol menyala;


u will call dr today, or after this ask dr if you can come to her house today to submit that paper and three days of hari cuti will be fullfilled by checking your paper. okay what?! good idea heh?!


one more thing..

if you have a presentation tomorrow. the same goes to what i said just now. you know why you should do it last minute? imagine if you finish it a week earlier, you will keep on altering the slaidlaa, adding that photolaa, kasi info sikit laa...ever heard of the first instict is the best choice? macam jawapan ABCD then u have no idea what's the answer then u just pick by following ur instinct. ada point situ kan?! kan?!

so the main point here is, it's not wrong to do last minute job/work as long as pandai bajet masa la macha! yes, another positive thing about this last minute thing is you know how to manage your time!

that's all folks.. :)

*sebenarnya ingin melindungi kelemahan diri dengan membuat alasan seperti di atas.
**three posts in a day? haha, i'll be missing this blog three days away babai!!!!


  1. sangat setuju!!! Well I'm a procrastinator too. Bleh buat club ni. eheh. :P Anyway, enjoy ur holiday ju-a

  2. thanks, aini..sudah sangat enjoy ni! procrastinator club gile sedap bunyinya itu..huahuahua..!