Tuesday, June 30, 2009

breast cancer awareness!

title entry sangat skema,

main point adalah;

a month ago i come across this site
its a bag print design competition by gin and Jacqie. about breast cancer awareness and the winning design will get his/her design on a bag. cute betul!

tangan i yang gatal ini macam "eh, why not try eh?rugi ke? tak kan...."
plus i need to do my job as one of the 'people-who-quite-aware-about-this'. and i know how cancer works, it's scary! (i work with cancer cells, have dealt with human breast carcinoma cell line, spread like huh? in the flask)..

so i put on my thinking cap, i am not good in designing things using high tech equipments ka, apa ka but i made an effort there. and the result; TADAA!!!

honestly, i want people to notice that bra immediately! ok, memang simple but less is more right?

so, my friends please vote for me! (ya, perkara ini perlu di vote oleh orang ramai) and ask your friends (yang i tak kenal) your parents, your sisters, your sister's friends, brothers, brother's friends, your lecturers, your lecturers' friends, supervisors, ever makcik cleaner yang boleh access internet tuh, vote for me ya! (macam AF pulak saya rasa :P)

toss that bra, self check to safe life..

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