Monday, May 11, 2009

this whole pindah thing = crap!


first, it doesn't matter for me if i need to move out this thursday and move back in at the next block in the same college. sudah malas nak layan hal itu.

second, next semester, i want my friend to be my room mate so i need to write an official letter. i wrote it already, i went to THAT college already but it got rejected. overdue. should have send it before 10th. come on. one day overdue, masih mau kira ka?

third, my phone battery kong (ok, memang macam tak da kena mengena)

fourth, i should get a set of result today but that 'mesin yang canggih' got problem. i need to wait maybe one more week (i waited almost 2 weeks already)

fifth, i need to do my labwork now. saya pulang pukul 7 lah hari ni nampaknya.



  1. hahaha.. blk kul 7 bkn sbb bt keje lab.. tp dok on9 shj... apa kes

  2. hello,
    buat kerja lab ok!
    (tau ada nada-nada tak puas hati di situ apakah?)