Saturday, May 9, 2009

my litle blue dress!

not the 7-year-old drawing

my childhood time was cool. way too cool than my life now. i really want to be a designer. i don't fancy fashion when i was a teenage girl, because i thought fashion was not that 'in' that time so i chose to be an architect or engineer perhaps when i grew up.

when these next top model, runway, fashion designing hit me through tv, i said damn, why I didn't pursue that dream, my childhood dream. at least i can become Hatta. at least.

yes, fashion designing is one of my dreams. my mom sews clothes. she also designs, not really designing but my mom used to have this clear holder with lots of modern baju kurung, kebaya and blouse for the customer to choose. i remember shoulder pads, fancy piping and complicated design with pleats and bubble sleeves dominating the fashion scene. The models were with over-sprayed hair and bright lipstick and eye shadow that matched their dress.

and i always saw my mom measuring people, taking notes with a design under those notes. i was also my mom's model when i was little and i wear a lot of my mom's handmade until now. they are super comfortable.

and i remember when i was in standard one, i designed clothes. in a small book (the one with 'exercise book' written in front) i designed many clothes and i put price on them. i showed to my friends and they can choose which clothes they want. i am like

"ya, nak baju yang mana? ok, yang ini harganya 30 ringgit. nak berapa? satu?" and i ticked on that item and put their names on it.

it was fun. the one that i remember the most is a blue dress with a pointed hemline (yes, i coloured them too) and i think it was the most hideous dress i've ever design (on that time) but still i had this one customer 'ordering' this piece. i giggled when i wrote her name down because she was a tomboyish kind of girl and she ordered the hideous blue dress. believe me, when i think about it, the design was not hideous at all. in fact, i think this pointed hemline were 'in' in some era that i can't remember.

see? singers told press that they sing since 5. of course, their teachers tought them to sing! baa baa black sheep, remember? but i design clothes since i was 7! and seriously, my mom wouldn't have asked me to become a doctor, a scientist, or an engineer (every mom's dream) if she knew the market of fashion designing right now.

so, i am 25. is it possible for me to become like bill keith with my zero experience and certificate? oh, i got a degree in biology does that count? :)

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