Tuesday, May 12, 2009

hey, upper east siders..

berangan menjadi gossip sebentar tak boleh ke?
okay, memang tak boleh. saya bukan 'hot' untuk menjadi seorang gossip girl dan saya bukan berkawan dengan upper east siders. terimalah kenyataan. saya bukan kaya juga. mungkin lebih miskin dari jenny humphrey.


crazy weeks, or months maybe.
i was babbling about gerard way, twilight saga, edward cullen..
i watched ugly betty, loads of movies and gossip girl (shit, mengapa ada serangga berterbangan di sini?). lihat betapa banyaknya masa saya untuk ini semua and yes, blogging.

but still,

everytime i watched, witnessed, read, felt or sensed something, i learned something from there. like children's story book, like 'the moral of the story is....'

i watched gossip girl yesterday, 5 episodes in a row, staying up until 3 (definitely i should learn something there so i don't feel guilty spending my free time -yang sepatutnya tidur atau membaca journal) - yes i learned something.

and i learned that people like Serena Van der Woodsen do exist in this world. they shine, they're sweet, they're beautiful, they can manipulate. people like them, people love them, people worship them. they have 'aura' -bukan mawi.

and if you are a manipulative person like Blair Warldorf, you don't want your best friend outshines you. you want to be equal, you want to be loved like your best friend be, you want to look good in your way and you want people to look at you too not just your bestfriend.

and if you are serena, if you are kind enough like serena (i can say she's kind) you'll do anything not to overshadowing her, you need to hold back so that your friend doesn't feel hurt. you will do anything for her to make her happy. yes, you are kind.

for me friendship like this needs a lot of effort. it's unequal. it's hard to maintain (luckily they are filthy rich!). honestly, if i have a best friend like Serena and i am Blair (perbandingan ye, bukan perasan) or vice versa, i would walk away. yes, maybe i'm afraid of that kind of friendship or maybe i am to malas to make an effort.

haha, that's why they made that story heh. so that you can see the drama there.

by the way, i like chuck bass (and the combination words of BASS hole and mother CHUCKer). yes he is evil but he's confident. i really need that, really (ok, takkan nak suka orang baik je kan)

enough already.

not a gossip girl


  1. banyak ko berimaginasi ni, pulang la ke pangkal jalan..dan membaca journal..aku pun malas nak membaca journal, maklum la cuti sem.

  2. memang sangat perlu pulang ke pangkal jalan nih..
    namun aku masih tak mahu insaf..
    imiginasi sangat indah dari baca journal..