Wednesday, April 29, 2009

shopaholic i am not!

sebelum saya pergi menunaikan sholat (uih, cam indonesian laks)..

i am now starting to fulfill my to do list.
already sent an email asking for quotation of pipettes to cindy and am reading the confessions of shopaholics - managed to stop at page 111 (a slow reader). all the journal reading and report writing will be fulfilled soon.

when encik boyfriend called me last night, i told him about how crazy this rebecca bloomwood is (i was reading when he called). she's spending too much (and of course the storyline is far too different than in the motion picture - i need to realign my mind, it's quite confusing). i told him how crazy she is by spending money for unnecessary stuff and christmas shopping in March?! haha, that's crazy.

come to think about it, i'm not like that. i am not rebecca bloomwood. i am azurah and i am not a shopaholic. why? because

  1. i don't even have a single credit card or plastic money and i know with my 'student' status, i can't afford to have one.
  2. i still have this person called 'miss sanity' guiding me through my shopping trip. if i'm broke, i don't shop.
  3. the word 'sale' does not attract me much though sometimes it does attract me if i have something to buy. IF i have something to buy (or maybe just browsing around)
  4. yes, i still buy something else if i don't have my target purchase but, trust me it usually comes cheap.
  5. i am not hunting for branded stuffs. i can't afford it.
  6. i never dreamt of winning any lotteries. and never buy one.
  7. i buy magazine once a month (not everyday, but when my insanity is gone i can buy up to 3 different kind of mags in one time)
  8. it is normal for a girl like me to have a dozen of shoes and a wardrobe full of unworn clothes.
  9. the worst about my shopping habit is that sometimes i borrowed friends' money to buy stuff but i definetely pay them back. it's not that bad isn't it?

shopaholic i am not!

*encik boyfriend, saya sudah menilai diri ye!

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