Sunday, April 12, 2009

new moon..

saya sedang mendengar 'hatin' in the club' by rihanna with the oo..oohh..ooh..
haha, funny, at the same time seronok diulang banyak kali..oo..oo..ooh..ooh..
ok dah macam burung hantu...

my obsession towards edward cullen is not end yet..
i went to HARRIS two days ago and hoping that i can buy the next episode saga of TheCullens and sadly after 15 minutes of searching (okay, i searched not asked. i know it would be easier if i ask but i have problems communicate with stragers) i finally asked a helper there. dengan selamba dia kata sudah habis dijual.


sangat tipu okay jika beliau kata buku itu semua habis (tipu!tipu! and dragged kak ana out of HARRIS yang hampeh itu). actually before this, i bought twilight at MPH and there are lots of The Cullens saga on the rack macam ada promotion gitew.

sebenarnya nak cari sebab untuk membeli 'something' di tebrau city. and i ended up buying a pair of vincci sunnies and a t-shirt (t-shirt itu tak perlu sebenarnya, but u know when you are so upset of not buying something you will end up buying other unneccecary stuff). doesn't matter anyway, i like that green shirt so much (i realize that i bought a lot of green stuff nowadays).

so the next day;

after all those stupid and tiring labworks (i did 3 experiments yesterday and i'm so exhausted!) i went to Jusco immediately, withdrew some money and bought a slice of chocolate cheese cake (saje nak bagi azma jeles) and straight to the bookstore. i took 'NEW MOON' and ready to pay at the cashier counter..

boleh pulak akak tu kata

"adek nak beli buku ni lagi?" dalam hati of course i want a collection!

"lepas ni memang macam nak beli lagi"

"kalau adek beli dua, adek dapat 10% discount" ok, mengapa saya tidak beli di sini sejak awal lagi dan mengapa saya beli twilight sebelum ni promotion ini tidak ada? i was excited without any hasitation, i took another book ECLIPSE and went towards the counter again.

"kalau adek join MPH member, adek dapat 20% discount setiap satu buku" memang sebelum itu saya sudah tanya macam mana nak jadi member. so, i filled up the form and immediately become a member. pulang dengan gembira, i got loads of work to do, i was so eager to see edward cullen again..

and there i was - on the bed, staying up for new moon until 9 am this morning. i didn't sleep thanks to edward - you broke up with bella and stephanie keep on telling me about this JACOB and i waited for you to come back until page 400 something and suddenly u want to commit suicide in italy..

cis betul..

ok, saya hanya mampu baca sampai situ dan saya perlukan rehat. i'm not a vampire..


saya sekarang sangat addict terhadap vampires addict terhadap The Cullens addict terhadap berangan-angan menjadi isabella swan dan berangan-angan tinggal di Forks. abaikan saja jika imiginasi saya ini melampaui batasan..


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