Monday, April 13, 2009


i hate weekdays..
i hate monday especially..
and i feel so damn sleepy right now..

for two days..
two days of saturday and sunday i was so into twilight and new moon and my sleep time was shifted! i felt so energetic at night and sleepy like hell exactly at 9 am in the morning. today, instead of sleep, i chose to go for my monday life.

i never sleep since yesterday.

i feel so tired and exhausted and my eyes looked so weird i think they are swollen or something. i looked horribble and i feel like i am a walking corpse. i felt weak when the sun shone directly through my eyes. i felt hot and that didn't make me feel so good. i wanted to sleep that was all that i want.

it's raining outside and i feel like i'm living in forks. it's cold and wet and i can hear the thunder screaming out loud while the rain is still heavily pouring on the ground. i still in my lab and couldn't stop thinking of forks, vampires, The Cullens and now werewolves. i am so eager to meet another book of mine, ECLIPSE and i am so obsess with everything about vampires right now. i would talk about nothing but the books! i think i'm going crazy with the mix up between my imagination and the reality.

well, it's not my fault then.

i like this kind of situation. it means that i have other things to do beside doing the same lame thing everyday.

and right now all i can think about is sleep..

1 comment:

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