Thursday, January 1, 2009

worst new year ever!

sad and tense...
that is what i can say..
i do not know what to do..
i am sitting here staring at the computer screen and still do not know what to do..
updating blogs that's the only thing i can do.. dooo..doo..doo macam pantun lak..
then i read this from somebody's page..
and i feel quite sad..

A single flower petal brushes against my skin
I dont want to believe
our romance was a mistake

We've got a bad, bad habit of saying 'everything's fine' and bottling it up

I assumed that i could always make you smile in that soft, gentle way of yours
like when we first met
i want to hold you..

I thought i loved you
i want to hear your voice more and more
and while my hand reaches yours
i can't see what your future holds.

what can i say...

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