Monday, January 12, 2009

i take this man

Penny Bracket waited two years to marry dream man Bram Shiraz. Then on the morning of the Big Day, while she's trying on her veil, Penny receives the worst two-line letter of her life: "Penny, I can't go through with it. Sorry, Bram."

Penny's hurt and upset. But Esther, Penny's divorced mom, wants Bram's head on a platter. So Mom ambushes the cold-footed coward before he hot-foots it out of town, bonks him on the head with a champagne bottle, and spirits him away to a hidden room in her gargantuan mansion in Short Hares, New Jersey. Esther doesn't want much. All Bram has to do is write personal, heartfelt apologies to each of the two hundred disappointed wedding guests . . . and eat every mouthful of the very expensive gourmet wedding feast that has gone to waste. Then he'll be free to leave.

There's a subplot involving Penny's mother and Bram's father, who doesn't know that his new paramour is holding his son captive.

Meanwhile, Penny learns why Bram abandoned her, and the whole situation comes to a ridiculous but entertaining climax.

zura-zura said:

haaa...this book got me hooked too. i like the way she made those climaxes at the end. real funny (jiran sebelah boleh dengar saya ketawa berdekah-dekah). i think the main character here is the mother, Esther. Frankel describes her as a very aggressive mother (hitting a man with a champagne bottle, brought the man in to her house, spirits him away into penny's old playroom). lots of mistery (macam baca kisah penyiasatan pon ade) and a good wrap up.
This book is great, i like it...:)

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