Saturday, January 10, 2009

ok, look

  • i came late not because i wanted to come late la mister...
  • there's nothing for me to do here
  • better for me to oversleep..
  • what?! Wrong aa?!
  • doesn't matter laa..i came late, i went back late's ok one..
  • people still can find me what..
  • they can call me after 10.
  • after 10 i'm sure be around, don't worry..
  • it's labwork just took one hour only.. i need to kongsi the hood ma.. impossible for me to use that hood one whole day...
  • that's why i have lots of time reading journal and updating result..
  • what else can i do?
  • update blog laaa!! apa lagi?!

cerita di atas adalah rekaan semata-mata. ade seket je yang betol - the journal reading and the updating result..hehe..

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