Friday, January 30, 2009

memory loss?

i already finished my 'remember me' book..
impressive i can say..but the beginning of it reminds me of 'couple of fantasy' and '13 going on 30'-both about memory loss -and of course 13 going on 30 is like a life jumper kind of story...
for this book, this one girl has achieve her dream in just three years - that she can't remember..
a perfect life and a perfect dream come true..

i learn something here..
imagine if i bump my head and wake up as me 3 years later and lost my 3 years of life, i still can get back on track..
i'm not that ambitious. i can't change anything in just three years..
maybe i just miss my graduation day. erm, what else? yeah, that's all..
pathetic pulak rasanye..

it's quite scary.
i think i've wasted so much of my life doing nothing...
at least this girl has become a director, married to a rich and handsome man and become bitch-boss-from-hell..doesn't matter. at least she's becoming something or someone..
as for me?

yes,i know it's just a fiction..
i just got carried away..even this girl in this book has this massive kick start of her perfect-but-not-so-perfect life..
i think i need that too..
a massive kick start..haiyah!
yeah! i need to do that if i woke up 3 or 5 or 10 years later, i will say;

'wow,I've done so much already' and smile...

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