Tuesday, December 2, 2008

obsession of colours...

i looked at a row of motorcycle parked in front of the office..
and i saw the one and only big fat karisma of mine from far..
i smiled with glee, its red, its fat and yes its red and you can recognize it 1000 feet from where u stand...:)
when i recalled back, i like red so much!
i used to have a red bag when i was undergrad, imagine riding my red karisma with the red helmet and the red bag at my back...;P..
i used to have a red purse also....

Now, when i wanted to buy a laptop bag months ago, my dad suggested a red bag also. its not actually red, but black and white with the red lining....then i said NO!

"huhu, takmolah abah...moto dah merah, helmet dah merah...wut pe nak beg merah lagi.." i realized that i'm not into that red anymore...

slowly, i started to switch my colour-(takkan nak merah je kan..)..all my bags are brown, all my shirts and baju kurung are pink purple based--(brown pon ade), and sometime obses with white colour. i have a pair of white shoes, white mobile phone and white car..blouses-two of them are white...

now, i switched to brown wallet, black with white lining laptop bag, and the colours of thing as above..i think that i am now a grown up women and red is not my thing anymore...(hahah, yeke?)..but still deep down inside, red is my colour... ;)

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