Wednesday, December 31, 2008

my new year resolutions

dear diary,
my 2009 new year reslutions list..
here goes:

  1. fight the bulge! will make sure to exercise every other day for at least half an hour.
  2. save 10% of my earnings (at least) on a monthly basis. i need to start now to save money for a house , car and holidays!
  3. eat healthier foods. lessen the carbs and sugary stuff and increas the fruits and veggies in my diet. make burgers, pizza and chips a sometimes food.
  4. take time to moisture my body, hands and legs (not just my face) before going to bed.
  5. climb mount kinabalu. I've lived all my life in Malaysia and I haven't done it yet.
  6. learn mandarin to enhance my communication skills.

2009, here I come!!


okay, actually I copied those from aiken advert in jan cleo. hahaa...
but most of them are my resolutions too, so doesn't matter rite? i think i should add some more, the "me resolutions"

  1. i need to finish my study don't like this place, remember?
  2. .............

yeah, hmmm...
i think that's it..
huh? the "me resolution" is just one row?
tak boleh dipanggil list langsong!
maybe i can't say goodbye to 2008 yet...
aisey...*garu kepala*

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