Monday, December 29, 2008

the men's guide to the women's bathroom

haha, sorry guys,
i am not gonna list out the guides to the woman's bathroom..

i went to HARRIS tebrau city two days ago..
i am not so fancy about book stores, i am not a bookworm..
magworm, yes, bookworm--nada!
after a tiring day of walking around the mall, i just wanted to go inside Harris to see what's in there..and of course, after a zilion time of window shopping and 'shop till i drop' moment at tebrau city, this is my first trip to this huge bookstore...

walking around..
one area, with a very attractive displayed book rack caught my eye..
'A liTTle BlAcK dReSs BooK'
owh, the books are soo nice to see, nice to hold..
bright colours and great illustrations...(no pictures of sitting women kee, bunga-bunga jatuh ke -no)..
so i looked at the price, hmmm..
affordable-yes, it's rm19.90..
not so thin, not so thick...-if nipis, then macam budak tadika punye buku..if its too thick then it will take 100 years for me to finish it up...-well, i'm a beginner in this book reading arena..

so, this is it!
i am going to purchase this...heehee..-i said to myself..
randomly, i picked one book:

surprisingly, it made me hooked..
pages by pages, and i finished this in just one day...
(saya pun tidak menyangka yang saya akan membaca novel ini!)
this is my first time experience reading this kind of book (usually i read molecular biology- the basic guide, or cell culture in cancer and whatso over and i read because i need to, not i want to)..
it is the first book of my teenage-nearly-adult life -or adult life (i used to read story books when i was a little girl)..and i'm sure it wont be the last..*wink-wink*

-haha, cerita pasai satu buku je pon dah panjang berjela-sebab saya excited.heehee....

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