Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy December!

What i like about December....

  1. there will be the SALE all around Malaysia...
  2. there will be 4 pages of body shop vouchers inside my Disember CLEO...(saya tak guna sangat puun..)
  3. there will be loads of ideas of presents and wrapping styles in that mag...
  4. there will be calendars for new years..(some are cool and some are sucks..)
  5. there will be Christmas trees in shopping mall..very nice...(setahun sekali saja ada pokok besar dalam shopping mall okayyy...)
  6. there will be snow!(of course fake la kan...i saw one at sunway last year...)
  7. there will be loads of people getting married including my friends (cuti skola kaan)
  8. there will be someone's bufdae...(;)

and again, i like December very much..

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