Thursday, November 13, 2008

a swollen eye...

no, i ain't gonna put my photos of my swollen eyes here. but it happens regularly rite now..maybe because of the bed sheet, or the room. i feel sick rite now and i don't have any intention to do any work...i think it means that i need to do the housekeeping as soon as possible. But i've already done it last week! blame your immune system..saya memang kuat allergik..hmmm..

i do some calculation last night. budget sana, budget sini, tolak sana, tolak sini and..yes, sudah tinggal habuk..admit that this month i spent a lot..pluss paying the hostel fee (itu yang membuatkan saya muflis di bulan ini). but its ok..saya perlu bertahan!--->(tapi ada dua kali sabtu lagi...huhuhuhuuuu).

i listened to this song entitled t-shirt just now. sangat best. and saya suka. tapi, adaka patut si pompuan ni campak jimmy choo die sebab rindu that someone!tak patut...tak patut... if u sick of that pairs, pleeeease you can give them to me!haha..

that's all for now...

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