Thursday, November 6, 2008

C.O.M.P.L.A.I.N.T part 2

i planned to wash my car this morning. i bought a nice sabun for this bcoz people said that if u wash it with an ordinary sabun (before this i used daia sensasi floral saja) the paint will fade or rosak or something like that. so, yesterday i bought that 'sabun untuk cuci kereta' and hopefully i can wash my car today.

then this morning, i woke up hoping that i can have this housekeeping of my baby, then i realize that 'kepala paip sudah tidak ada!'...well, hello...mane kepala paip sudah pergi?i search for another paip and the result was the same. all the kepala paip in this st**id college are gone.

i cannot wash my car today.

i get mad.

i hate this place even more.

i feel like want to 'bakar' this place so that this anger feeling gone.

what a st**id campus and st**id college.

and my pesimistic mind told me that the admin took all the kepala paip and if the students want to wash their car, need to ask permission from them, pay some money and then you get that kepala paip. and then you can wash your car..CEKIK DARAH OK!

owh, did i tell you that i have been saman by this st**id admin because my car doesn't have the college sticker?urgh!saya telah berusaha untuk membayar saman dengan pergi kepejabat itu dan apakah kata orang di situ?

"jumpa pengetua dulu dek. pengetua kat kolej ** "

and i just burst out that 'f*cK' word --- dalam hati laa of course kerana perkara itu sungguh menyusahkan saya. i need to go to another college to ask for the reduction of payment from the pengetua becoz his ofice is over there. i ended up not paying at all.

so, enough complaining. sakit jantung saya dibuatnye...

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