Thursday, October 2, 2008

happy hari raya!

happy hari raya to all who celebrating hari raya..!
well, it's already 2nd syawal and i just came back from qeda, my hometown.
i spent 3 days in qeda and i think its quite a memorable hari raya for me. i didn't eat much as i did last few rayas. but the ketupat and daging masak hitam made by my mak andak is super delicious. kueh raya, not so fancy about them. but this time, we were having this photography session (while i was the photographer taking most of the pics).

came back from kampung, my badan already aching sana sini. well, to be honest, i slept on the couch for these few days and maybe its because of it. and i feel like demam. rasa macam nak muntah and yeah, that tanda-tanda nak demam is already there. so rite now, i'm counting days to return to johore. aiyah..penat nak start kerja balik..huhu..

the big family

we left adan(the rabbit), bobo and teddy (the caTS) at home for three days. and they survive happily. and i managed to capture a shot of adan trying to steal the cats' food. actually he likes it so much!

teddy buat deeek je..

adan sedang cuba nak makan..

anyway that's all for now..

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