Thursday, December 18, 2014

trip to Boracay island - part 2

assalamualaikum wbt.

hola holi! aku happy sesangat ni dapat internet laju gila kat sini. sini tu mana? haaaaa.. nanti len kali kalau boring and ada masa boleh cerita ceriti kat sini.

sekarang ni tengah boring dan ada masa, kena update hal boracay yang tak habis cerita lagi ni.

day 3 in boracay; and actually kind of last day jugak lah sebab besoknya dah nak balik. thinking about going home and face the reality, is really a bad idea. terus rasa macam alaaaaaaaaaa... kenapa awal sangat kena balik niiiii???!!

ok emo.

so day 3, hafsah has already booked another hotel , deparis hotel for that day (and night). it's a hotel just in front of the beach! and sunsets! i am happy just thinking about it. haha.

so the plan is to go to puka beach, have some beach activity and leisure time. so we packed our bag, and walked to the de paris hotel which is not that far. in front of the hotel, there was a guy, dodok, who offered us a package for sea activity. both azmi and I would like to try parasailing and the package includes sailing on a blue sailboat. no kidding, with blue sail. so after some discounts, we agreed to take 15 minutes parasailing and 2-hour-sailing package for 1200 peso perperson (rm95).

the blue sail boat!

we went for parasailing first and a speed boat took us to the parasailing spot. azmi and i were the first couple and it was an exciting experience especially when the parachute started to go up. the view is perfect. plus, it is a perfect time to have a good 10 minutes chat with your spouse while enjoying the view. it was kind of a romantic moment actually. heee..

getting ready


reminder, if you are sea sick or afraid of height - consider not to go. but please try for the sake of 'YOLO'!

after parasailing, we got back to the beach, met dodok and he lead us to the blue sailboat. i feel like a rich girl already! it was an awesome experience, no engine, and the sailboat just sail with the wind. it was breathtaking, and we enjoyed the view so much! the kapitan took us to the unknown beach, took some rest, and then to the aklan beach, where we went for a sweet light lunch at the one and only mango shake stall there.

and there they are, the lost cowboy and the water ghost. haha.

and we found these boys having fun.

nearby aklan jetty. 

it took us around 3 hours sailing and it was great. i've never sail before and in Boracay, everything is kind of possible!

i feel rich already!

we arrived at the beach and we decided to go to the Willie's Rock first. Willie's is one of the trademark of the Boracay island. it is a volcanic formation that has stairs leading to a chapel at the top. it is a hotspot for photo taking, and the beach is amazingly beautiful with white sands and clear blue water. memang cantik gila!

great weather!

and us at the Willie's rock

next, we went to Puka beach nearby, with 15 minute ride by tricycle from the white beach. we went there at around 4 and greeted by these boys.

ok my husband and din are malaysian. tapi muke masing masing dah macam pinoi dah!

trademark puka beach. look at the sea behind us. cantik!

after some time at Puka beach, we quickly headed back to the White Beach as the time is almost 5. it was our last sunset in Boracay, nak tak nak, kita mesti kejar itu sunset!

we grabbed some late lunch at D'mall, and walked towards the beach. we managed to enjoy the sunset in front of the hotel. very very nice. 

sunsets i love you. 

we headed back to the hotel, had our dinner with the remaining Brahims, headed out for some shopping at the D'mall. that night, we have our massage appointment at my room with only 250 pesos for an hour. 

the next day, we packed our bag and had our breakfast. did some last minute shopping, at 9.30 am, the Southwest people came and picked us up to the jetty! 

i don't want to go home just yet!

well, on our way home, we rode a small bus to the airport. it was the best journey i've ever had i think, the bus' driver had this jam with all my favorite song. i was like crying with joy when all the songs from nickelback, third eye blind, the calling played through out the journey with this view.

macam mana la tak nangis. dahlah kena meghadap realiti dah. huhuhuuuu...

we arrived quite early at the kalibo. dont worry, kalibo airport is not as bad as we thought it is. once after we checked in, there are seating, lots of small shopping booths and free wifi. 

and that's a wrap!

good bye Boracay! you will be missed!

Monday, December 8, 2014

trip to Boracay island - part 1

assalamualaikum wbt.

baru tak baru sangat, early november this year, we had this short vacation cum honeymoon in BORACAY island! yeah baby yeah!

actually hafsah has already told everything in her blog about this trip (including the expenses in RM). so here i just jot down my experience on having a blast in this beautiful island.

so first thing first, Boracay island is located in Philippine. i was actually a bit skeptical on having a vacation here because it is an island. untuk aku, kalau nak pergi pulau, baik pergi pulau perhentian (nothing can beat pulau perhentian ok, except, if i go to mabul then itu lain ceritalah).

man, i was so wrong. this island is totally something!

so the trip is 4 days in total, from saturday to tuesday. our flight was around 11 am, and we arrived there at 7 pm. it was a long trip. it took 4 hours by flight, landed at Kalibo International Airport (which is quite traditional and small - imagine manual bag checking and non-digital weighing machine) and  took another 2 hours to reach Caticlan jetty. 10 minutes to the island, and another 10 minutes to the hotel. hafsah has already book everything online, from flight ticket to the bus ride, ferry and van. thank you hafsah! jasamu dikenang!

day one was tiring. we reached there at 7 which was already dark at that time. the sun sets at 5.20 pm so we missed the beautiful sunsets in boracay. that night, we decided to have our dinner, and walk around and see what boracay can give us for these few days ahead. with some instinct, we found D'Mall which is located at the famous white beach with lots of nice restaurant, booze and souvenir shops.

the main reason is to search for a great and value for money package for the next day's activity. we met Ray a Filipino guy who offered us 2000 peso for island hopping, snorkeling and fish feeding, visiting crystal cove, and magic island. yes, 2000 peso is for 6 person and i think its cheap.

but, we need to pay an extra 200 peso for sea insurance (i have no idea why do we need that) and few hundred pesos for snorkeling gears. pandai tak diorang main harga kat situ. but i think the price is still okay sebab the experience is the best bro!

the next day, the person in charge has already waiting for us in front of the hostel. mata kau akan terkujat beruk tengok kecantikan pantai rasa macam nak nangis! well, we arrived at night, memang tak nampak laut lah masa tu kan. but the view is extraordinary beautiful!

you can see this along the way. we got 250 peso per person thanks to azmilia and hafsah. diorang ni pandai tawar menawar. 

"take your shoes off" purred the ocean waves. -Dr.SunWolf

and off we go to feed the fish!

and of course, my husband suddenly think he's the fish attractor.

Crystal cove island is a must visit island when you come to boracay. kat situ boleh tengok laut jernih dalam gua (hence, crystal cove) and of course, enjoy the beautiful view. memang cantik sangat-sangat, you'll never regret.

selamat datang

the weather is not so good. but i still think its refreshing to see the beautiful color of the sea. 

and the crystal clear water. 

another laki bini dalam air jernih parat lutut pic. 

after a while at crystal cove, the boat took us to another island; the Magic island. Well, at crystal cove we are amazed by the view, but in Magic Island people can go for...

cliff diving!

ok of course we are not that brave to jump like the above photo. that one is the highest, 10 meters. but after almost half an hour, doing nothing but seeing these strangers jumping from sort-of cliff, and my husband is actually wanted to try it, so we give it a go. at the end, azmi, din and i did the jump! it was the craziest thing i've ever did. and of course, if i can do this, i can do anything now! it was awesome!

take the leap of faith, bebeh.

and that's the end of our island hopping package. ok lah tu and sangat puas hati. 

we arrived at our hostel around 3-ish. we get changed, had our lunch, and decided to go to D'talipapa for shopping!

D'talipapa is a cheaper place for you to buy souvenirs and t-shirts. we (husband and i) are not so good in haggling. hafsah and azmilia are gifted which they can haggle like crazy, and got almost half price on everything! the souvenir here is cheaper, and you can haggle as much as you can. T-shirts are okay, but ones in D'mall are nicer with higher quality. 

we had our dinner here in D'talipapa. We can buy seafood at their wet market (located at the center) and few restaurants do provide cooking service. so, go buy fresh seafood here and haggle like crazy. 

one of the main reason to come here is to taste the lobster! it is a seafood heaven and we can see rare species like the blue fish which i have no idea what it's call and sea urchins. haggling is really a serious matter here and  try to ask 1/2 of the offered price.

so that night is wrap for day-2 and part one or course. will continue later. 

trip to Boracay island - part 2. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

update apa apa pon malas

tapi gambar ni kasi upsikitlahbuat kenangan.


sebesar-besar muka! sila tengok pemandangan di belakang. muehehe..

nanti update. tu pun kalau rajin. ni tengah malas tahap maharajalawak mega dah ni..

Monday, November 3, 2014

4 years and counting, dimsum galore and pindah rumah

assalamualaikum wbt.

alhamdulillah, perjalanan kami suami isteri dah mencecah 4 tahun! syukur sangat-sangat segala rintangan dan cabaran telah kami lalui. insyaaAllah tahun ke 5 pelayaran kami akan penuh warna-warni! dan selalunya orang kata tahun ke 5 semuanya dah stabil, emosi dah stabil, masing-masing dah faham masing-masing. kira memang kami laki bini dah habis faham perangai masing-masing dah. and right now we enjoyed life as it is. semoga rezeki bertambah-tambahlah lagi hendaknya..

kami tak adalah celebrate kat mana-mana pun. just having a simple dinner kat secret recepi aje sebab bini penat malas nak pergi jauh-jauh. hehe.

happy anniversary to us.


the week before, aku saje teringin bawak mak abah pergi makan dimsum. for you guys who love dimsum and berada di sekitar putrajaya atau bangi or kajang, bolehlah datang ke hotel bangi-putrajaya untuk menikmati dimsum best. not sure kat tempat lain macam mana. ada juga dimsum kat tempat lain macam di quality hotel misalnya. tapi ni kira kalau nak dekat and nak pekena buffet dimsum, sini tempat yang best. satu kepala lebih kurang rm50++. makan beria padahal 2 minggu sebelum tu baru makan ngan bebudak ni. eh baru perasan tak de pulak post pasal kami ramai ramai menyambut birthday october girl hari tu. ok nanti aku cerita lain kali.

sebahagian dari syurga makanan. :)


baru baru ni, mak and abah pindah rumah. dah dapat kunci lama dah sebelum raya puasa lagi. jadi mak abah start buat sikit sikit, pasang grill and tinted. yang bagusnya rumah ni, memang tak payah buat renovation apa-apa dah. sekarang pun jenis rumah macam tu, dia extend siap-siap sampai belakang. rumah setingkat yang ada 4 bilik. sesuai sangatlah dengan kami adik beradik yang ada 3 orang ni boleh dapat sorang sebilik. alhamdulillah abah suka rumah tu. kawasan persekitaran pun okay. harap rumah tu memberi rezeki yang melimpah ruah lagi untuk mak abah and seisi rumahnya.

bahagian ruang tamu rumah baru. :)


oh ye, dalam post ni, aku ada cerita yang kami ada ahli baru  si kucing tu kan? sadly kucing tu mak aku dah bagi kat orang lain masa pindah seara besar-besaran hari tu. sedih gila tak taau nak kata apa dah. rindu pun ada sebab kucing tu comel. mak kata dia bagi kat jiran lama yang suka kucing. dari gaya dia cakap, dia memang jaga kucing dengan baik sebab hantar pergi klinik untuk vaccine and all. aku doakan semoga miawmi bahagia lah kat rumah baru. walaupun dalam jiwa ni meraung-raung sedih. azmi siap kata dia sanggup bela kalau betul nak bagi kat orang. lambat sangat bagitau takkan nak mintak balik kan? huhuuu..


itu saja for now. sekarang tengah musim konvo, selamat berkonvo kamu semua! ish teringin gila nak konvo ni. bila laaa nak konvo ni..

Monday, October 27, 2014

eclipse, birthday celebration and the new member of the family.

assalamualaikum wbt .

not sure when, dah tak ingat sebab lama sangat berlalu. sempat terjah dan lihat gerhana bulan?

as for me, at that time, i was wondering, why the mosque was full of people ada penceramah hebat datang ke? rupanya mereka solat gerhana. and i dont even know that the eclipse starts around that time, pukul 7 lebih macam tu. masa tu pulak baru balik dari office. and night before that, ada bloody moon which i can see with my own eyes, sayang tak sempat capture gambar sebab ingat its a common thing. haha. so for the eclipse, sempat lah ambil sebijik dua gambar, but not with dslr tapi pakai camera phone je. but it's a decent picture, so okay je for me.


birthday abah jatuh pada 9/10/14. so that night, we celebrated at my brother's house. dahlah balik lambat, kereta rosak, dipertanggungjawabkan untuk beli nasi ayam penyet. haha kesian korang kena tunggu. but we had a nice and simple celebration. happy birthday abah. a bit sad because abah is not as young as before, and happy because he is healthy and happy. i pray for his healthiness and great years ahead. and we love you so much!

Happy birthday my dear abah. Semoga panjang umur murah rezeki hendaknya. Sentiasa happy di samping anak anak yg dah besar gabak ni. We love you! #celebrationsempoi


kami sekeluarga pecinta kucing. so that explains the new family member - kucing. so this time, my mom;s friend gave her an orphaned kitten. kesian tau kena tinggal sebab orang tu ambik mak je tak ambik anak-anak. at first, abah tak approved, tapi there was one time yang abah terpijak kucing tu sampai mengiau kuat. abah rasa bersalah and agree to keep him. plus, mak nampak hapy gila bila budak kecik ni ada. as long as they are happy, i am happy.

New edition of our family!!

Alamak hai. Cutenya kau! #cats

ada alasan nak balik rumah mak selalu sebab husband pun suka kucing. 'bolehlah main dengan kucing' alasan best bila nak balik rumah mak. lol!


so that's all. agak sibuk, tapi sempat update ni. lama tak blogwalk. rindu. people pon tak update blog sangat dah ye tak? they have instagram fb and all dah sekarang. tulis sikit-sikit je. blog kena tulis panjang-panjang.

ok bye. see you! salam!

Friday, October 3, 2014

hari tu tajuk pantai, ni tajuk pantai juga dan isinya pun adda unsur-unsur pantai

assalamualaikum wbt.

hari tu sempat singgah pergi pd kejap. sebab dah sampai seremban 2. saje jalan jalan tengok movie. lama dah tak tengok movie kami laki bini. lepas ambil angin tepi laut, terus pergi makan ikan bakar. marvellous sungguh hari tu.

lepas beberapa tahun ni kahwin ni, memang perasan sangat lah, kami kurang pergi jalan. dan lagi rasa best duduk rumah. tengok wayang pun jarang dah. mungkin fasa berkenalan dah habis agaknya ek? tapi bila dah buat semua benda together once in a while, rasa seronok gila! sekali sekala pergi dating apa salahnya. hehe.

hari ahad ni dah raya haji, maka selamat hari raya eidul adha untuk semua yang menyambut. yang pergi menunaikan haji, atau parents dan saudara mara terdekat yang sedang menunaikan haji, kita doakan semoga selamat pergi dan pulangdan tahniah sebab dah dapat menunaikan rukun islam yang ke lima.

semua orang pakat dah gerak balik kampung dah ni. aku je yang masih kat office lagi sambil pecah kepala.

selamatlah kamu semua ya!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

sedangkan pantai boleh berubah inikan pula hobi

assalamualaikum wbt.

aku cuba nak berjinak jinak dengan hobi baru ni. sambil sambil baca journal kat office try-try juga menanam apa yang patut. dulu suka bunga, tapi bila bunga asyik mati je, tukar subjek ke daun pulak. daun pun boleh tahan mati jugak. stress i.

sekarang tukar subjek lagi ke succulents. konon nak try buat terrarium sebab suka. hari tu pergi tanya kat kedai yuna satu balang yang tak adalah berapa besar sangat, harga sampai rm400 kau! terus menanam azam konon nak propagate sendiri succulents. hari tu kirim kat mak yang pergi Cameron highland sampai 12 kot. la ni tinggal berapa je yang hidup. apa ni, tanam kaktus pun mati keee.... T__T

tapi takpe, kita try to be positive here. tengok macam mana. kira ni sebagai langkah permulaanlah. kalau berjaya, best. kalau tak berjaya, i nangislah senang je...

wish me luck eh!